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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Well... Martinez wasn't much of a name -- even in hardcore boxing circles -- until he lost that majority decision to Paul Williams, which was just four fights ago for him. He was a really, really late bloomer and he didn't get his professional career started until his mid-20s.

Maybe that is why the general public is late catching on?

Americans may not care about amateur boxing, but they do care greatly about the Olympics. The list of American Gold Medalists is one of the most prestigious in all of sports. For some reason, Ward didn't get that bump.

yeah true. I know him since he was robbed in the Cintron fight.
and yes, the general public is late catching on. But fighters themself can help with that. There are many examples. Look at Haye. People getting excited about his fights even though he fought boring fights on the lowest level possible (like 40 years old Ruiz/Harrison).
Yeah the promotors are not really good but the fighters themself have to create excitement. Even the Klitschkos can promote themself and making good money and people don't consider their style as exciting.

As for the olympics: Ok, didn't know that. But it explains why so many americans thought that Solis had a shot against Vitali lol
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