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Default Re: Mike Brown named new Lakers head coach

Originally Posted by Frank Foley
1) First of all, two of the teams you mentioned still have head coaches, and Toronto only recently fired theirs. Secondly, how do you know discussions haven't taken place? Third, how do you know Adelman WANTS to coach a moribund franchise like Detroit, GS, or Minny? Hiring a coach isn't always about what the team wants--there's two parties negotiating.

2) By all accounts, the split between him and Houston was mutual. Houston wanted new blood, and Adelman wanted a fresh start. I get your point (if he was so good, Houston should have been fighting to keep him), but take a look at how he did with what he had there: it's unreasonable to say that he did anything other than a stellar job.

3) This is the $5 million question. We don't know why Jim Buss went with Brown over Shaw or Adelman (though we can speculate as to the former). Hence the outrage and confusion.

4) GM's make bad decisions all the time. It doesn't make us "internet experts" more knowledgeable that they are, of course, but it does tend to show that their moves/hires aren't above questioning. And that's what's going on here and on other boards: second-guessing of a questionable hire.

On second thought, since Jim "The Horse Whisperer" Buss made the hire here, I'm questioning the statement I just made about not being more knowledgeable. I may not know hoops like Mitch or even Dr. Buss, but I probably do know more than a ranch hand playboy who got his job through nepotism and hardly showed a professional interest in the team until 2004. Not one sportswriter can quote a Lakers source who has anything glowing to say about the guy. His own sister (who's a lot more qualified, by the way), can't really come out in support of him. By all accounts, he's an underqualified hack playing loose with Daddy's money.

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