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Default Re: Ricky Rubio's Final 2010-11 Season Stats

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Ricky Rubio's Final Season Stats 2010-11:


22.7 Minutes Per Game

31.0 Field Goal%
22.4 3 Point Field Goal%
83.6 Free Throw%

6.5 Points Per Game
3.3 Rebounds Per Game
3.5 Assists Per Game

1.6 Steals Per Game
1.8 Turnovers Per Game

Spanish League:

21.8 Minutes Per Game

32.0 Field Goal%
25.9 3 Point Field Goal%
77.1 Free Throw%

4.8 Points Per Game
3.2 Rebounds Per Game
4.1 Assists Per Game

1.6 Steals Per Game
1.9 Turnovers Per Game

"The savior of the Minnesota Timberwolves."
Wow, I to this point had assumed he was dominating over there. Guess I'm basing waay too much off his olympic performance against Kidd, Deron Williams, etc.
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