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Default Re: Mark Cuban Said To Be Interested In Buying Euroleague Champions Panathinaikos Athens

Originally Posted by Euroleague
The world in Greece is that Mark Cuban is interested in buying Euroleague champions Panathinaikos Athens. The club is up for sale and the asking price is said to be between $150 million - $200 million.

Panathinaikos has a yearly budget of $45 million, which is the same as what the new max NBA budgets will be supposedly under the new CBA. Panathinaikos plays in a 19,000+ seat arena.

The word is that if Cuban buys Panathinaikos and there is an NBA lockout, that Dirk Nowitzki would play with Panathinaikos during the NBA lockout.

Look, it's probably not your fault. It's probably someone trolling you in your entourage, giving you false information just to see if you'll believe it.

Just to help, if the guy looks like this

he's probably lying. Ask for a link.
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