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Default Re: Mark Cuban Said To Be Interested In Buying Euroleague Champions Panathinaikos Athens

Originally Posted by GOBB
Why would Cuban buy a euro team when he owns the WORLD champion Dallas Mavs? You dont go from filet mignon to salisbury steaks. Cuban is about as interested as "John" Scheyer was in signing with the Maccabi Little Hats. Speaking of Scheyer how does he look for them anyway No Links Yo?

I cant even pronounce the PandorasBox Athens. Waste of money buying that team.

If Dirk wanted to play for a rec league he could stay in America. Atleast he'll get better competition from guys who f*cking DEFEND and play PHYSICAL. If Cuban wants to waste money on a team that won a recreational league title? Go buy an Arena football team. Dirk is not playing with them scrubs. Why would Dirk play with the Panorama Athiests anyway? He just defeated the Miami Heat. He's going to sit in America and have sex, get drunk and smoke.

Much better than playing with a bunch of guys who all look like f*cking brothers.

The Mavs are not the world champions you moronic buffoon. They are the champions of USA/Canada.
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