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Originally Posted by QUIZZLE
The Cavs get the 8th seed next year and upset the Heat in 7 at Miami. Highly unlikely, but do you think he'd hang himself?

On a more serious note: I do expect a huge improvement from the Cavs and in particular, a solid rebound year from Baron. I'm pumped for this season, as I hope all you are too. Ready for this draft! Hopefully we can trade one of the first picks for possibly a veteran big and some future value.. thoughts?

dont picks = future value

i dont have very high expectations for next year. hopefully irving has a good rookie year, with baron seemingly relishing the role of mentor to irving, and kanter/valanciunas having a soli year, and next year we have another high pick to get a real star, because imo none of the guys in this draft are stars.
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