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yeah - i don't really like the McKie comparisons either.
I think Mardy should be an incredibly valuable asset to the team.

from - Mardy Collins is definitely a solid pick at 29. He (deservedly) was viewed as a possible lottery pick because of his excellent play-making ability, experience, and size. I have seen him play and I love the way he competes. My only reservation concerning Mardy is that his speed is a bit sub-par. This could definitely hinder his ability to play point; I think people often overvalue size at the PG position and undervalue speed/quickness. That being said, there will always be a spot for a playmaker like Collins on the floor, especially on a team like the Knicks where the PG's aren't really PG's. I think that is the most important thing to consider when talking about Mardy Collins' value on the Knicks... The Knick PG's are excellent scorers, but their playmaking abilities and attitude leave something to be desired. With Mardy on the floor, he helps neutralize the negative effects of a scoring point guard (there are also positives to scoring PG's) as he will not play the traditional scoring role of a 2 guard - rather a playmaking ballplayer.
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