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Default Re: Ricky Rubio's Final 2010-11 Season Stats

Originally Posted by SpanishACB
Stat wise Rubio has been top 10 PPG in his worst season in ACB and Euroleague. TOp 5 in assists too, which is what he is all about. Anyone that knows a bit about basketball knows Rubio will not expected to carry his team in scoring. But he will still be a good starting PG, once he gets used to the game.

Guys, there's not much of a Rubio owns bandwagon anymore, so jumping on the opposite bagon, the one were you put him down as hard as possible isn't cool anymore, you're not going against the mainstream guys, just sounding dumb, over and over, on loop.
Get some actual insight, watch games, read articles, compare Rubio's stats to other young PG in Europe, or other PGs period. He is a great prospect, and it's just a pity so many hate him based on dodgy media comments like him being arrogant or only wanting to play for a contender team, that's bullshit and it's pathetic the way people will believe any kind of crap that comes out of tabloids without bothering to check a second source.

It's easier to be guided blindly without having the responsability to actually think for your own, but if you tried once, you'd discover it's rewarding, and more accurate.

You're one of the worst posters I've seen, out of all the forums I've visited, and if your mother loved you a slight bit, she'd end your life and stop all the suffering.

If you think Rubio (one of the worst players in Euroleague) is a top 10 point guard in Euroleague, then you are seriously delusional.

Oh yeah, and Kirk Hinrich is also the best player in the NBA..........

Also, your stats claim is pure BS and lies. He was 12th in Euroleague in assists, not top 5. 3 small forwards and 2 shooting guards even averaged more assists in Euroleague than he did.

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