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Default Dallas Mavericks championship parade

The Jet was on the runway. The Custodian was getting jiggy with it. And Shawn Marion was doing the Dougie. Those were some of Thursday's highlights as the Dallas Mavericks celebrated their NBA world championship with a parade in downtown Dallas that attracted 300,000 folks, and a fan appreciation celebration at American Airlines Center that drew a crowd of about 20,000. There were lots of hugs, kisses, cheers and handshakes as the Mavs celebrated their first NBA title in style. "This is special," J.J. Barea said of the parade. "This is something that's going to stay with me in my heart forever." Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Caron Butler, who worked feverishly to get back on the court after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament on Jan. 1, even poked fun at his attempt to play in the Finals. Butler asked: "Am I cleared [to play] yet? Brian Cardinal started the celebration at the AAC when he came on the stage with a dust pan and a broom, commemorating his nickname as The Custodian. Terry was later introduced to the crowd and went into his airplane motion. Terry then showed off his right biceps -- the one with the tattoo of the Larry O'Brien championship trophy he got before the season started. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Marion came out of the Mavs' dressing quarters wearing a championship belt with the Mavs' logo on it. Later on stage, Marion did the Dougie Dance and said: "I feel like I'm at a concert. We are the world champions. "We shook up the world. We're world champions, and we look good." When he got on stage, Dirk Nowitzki, the Finals MVP, recalled a time when he didn't look so good. In his rookie year with the Mavs during the lockout-shortened 1998-99 season, Nowitzki said: "I had a bowl cut. I had a bad earring. I had a pinkie ring. I didn't know what to expect." Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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