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Default Re: Knicks plan to move up involves Biyombo, not Jimmer.

Originally Posted by Rowe
You dont pass on a defensive guy like Biyombo on a team that lacks any shotblockers or rebounders. He fills a need at C that we lack right now, but at the same time he has some longterm potential too.

There is no Center on the roster right now. Biyombo will be splitting time with Turiaf, but eventually will have to play big minutes when Turiaf goes down with another injury. If we're taking him in the Top 10 or even at #17, Biyombo is going to be baptized by fire. At the same time all of his interviews suggest he wants the pressure.

This isnt some humble project like Thabeet or Sene who isnt sure what they can do. This dude Biyombo is Straight outta Congo and says hes going to lead the league in Blocks and Rebounds.

OK, well we are going to find out.

Bismack is about to put the smack down in NY.
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