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Default Re: Bismack Biyombo says he's 100% sure he'll lead the NBA in blocks and rebounds.

Originally Posted by Theoo's Daddy
he did a triple double in the nike summit.. 12pts/11rebs/10 blocks. I wouldn't put too much stock in his europe perforamance, The Brandon jenkins experience told us what we need to know about euroleague.

Brandon Jennings sucked in Euroleague and he sucks in the NBA. The Nike Hoops Summit was against high school players. Macvan had like a 30+/20+ game at the Hoop Summit. I don;t see anyone here drooling over Macvan. And FYI, Macvan was a scrub in Euroleague level. Also, all the clubs in Spain believe Biyombo's real age is 22-24.

Biyombo was not a bad player in the ACB or anything, but he was no more than average. And that is the second best league in Europe. Already people here are talking like he was some superstar in Europe.

Why do so many American NBA fans keep doing this all the time? Can they not grasp that just because an NBA team wants to draft a guy that was playing in Europe, it does not mean he was some star in Europe? Are they really so stupid that they can't use basic reasoning and logic in even the most simple of concepts?

Biyombo is a huge physical talent, but people are saying he is an NBA project/European star. Wrong. He was really nothing more than a project on a mediocre team in the second best league in Europe too.

He was better than Rubio in ACB, but that does not mean jack, because Rubio was complete trash. Hell, he is in TRUTH about the same age as Mainoldi, and in his team, Mainoldi was the best PF on the team, and Biyombo was just a support player to him at that position.

And Mainoldi is only 1-2 years older in truth. I don't ever remember reading any threads on NBA forums about Mainoldi, who is a better player than Biyombo is.

Biyombo is a huge physical talent and NOTHING more than that. He could end up being a great player, or he could play 2 years in the D-League, go back to the ACB, and never make it at the Euroleague level.

The hype about this guy is getting way overboard. People keep saying he will develop all these skills, but you can't say that. No one knows. 2 years ago all NBA fans were saying "Rubio will develop a jump shot in the next couple of years". Did he? No.

Biyombo is a 50/50 to be a good player or a huge bust.

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