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Default Re: It's Official - Ricky Rubio is part of the Wolf Pack

Originally Posted by JellyBean
There is so much hype for Rubio that I dont think that he will measure up to that hype. I am glad that he is coming to the twin city but....

Depends on which hype to which you are listening....

ESPN and the NBA want to hype him as another bridge to a partnership between European pro ball and the NBA.

Casual fans have heard of him for four years, have seen highlights, and thus see him as a Nash-type baller with Elite size for the PG position.

Rational T-Wolves fans see him as a potential upgrade on Ridnour/Flynn, but one that will need proper coaching, mentoring, and development.

Personally, I'm optimistic but hesitant. I know he's not an immediate solution, nor do I believe he'll be ready to step in on Day One and contribute like the hype machine may suggest.

Either way, I'm stoked he'll finally make his way to Minneapolis this year.... and I hope I can run into him somewhere some way
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