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Default Re: Kyrie Irving is the next big bust

Originally Posted by G-train
I simply dont believe he is athletic enough to compete with the top 5 or so PG's and he isn't as skilled as them either.

So DJ Augustin or Ray Felton or Johnny Flynn type.
Not sure why you picked those three guys. They obviously have shortcomings, but possibly their biggest problem is their respective sizes (height/reach).

Augustin is listed at 6-foot, but that seems very generous to me.

Felton is barely 6-foot-1. If he were a couple of inches taller, it would serve him VERY well, because he is already a solid NBA player.

Flynn is listed at 6-foot and, again... That seems very generous.

Kyrie Irving is legitimately 6-foot-3+, which is excellent size for an NBA point guard. That alone makes him a much more intriguing prospect than any of those three guys. Not only was he the tallest, but Irving also had the longest reach of any point guard that will go in the first round of this draft.

I'm not a guy that puts a ton of stock into measurables, but it seems to me that a lot of people have this misconception that he is a guy with good intangibles, but not much natural talent or size and that he will have the kind of problems in the NBA that 'little' PGs are exploited for.

The natural talent part of it is subjective. I don't think he is a John Wall or Chris Paul level natural athlete, but he also isn't Eric Snow. Irving has very nice quickness off of the dribble, speed in the open court, reflexes on both sides of the ball, nice body control when driving to the hoop and he can leap nicely when he needs to.

What isn't debatable is his size... He will be one of the bigger PGs in the NBA and that will actually be a problem for guys like Felton, Flynn and Augustin if they are ever matched up against him.

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