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Default Re: It's Official - Ricky Rubio is part of the Wolf Pack

As a Spanish fan, I can tell you what you will see from Ricky.

He has played quite bad this season, but Rubio has the skills who need a PG in the NBA. He is quick, he is a great passer (but he makes so stupid passes too, Jason William's style) and a good defender. The NBA style fits him, and you will see good pick'n roll with him and Kevin Love.

Flaws: Shooting. The guy cannot hit a shot to save his life. At this point he is a horrible shooter, and he need an specific coach for that, and a ton of hours training.

It's not impossible to improve that, though. For example, Calderon was a horrible shooter when he was younger, and he became a great one with 2 years of specific training. If he can do it you can have a top 10 PG in the league. He could be a quite good roleplayer, but not a star.
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