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Default Re: Biyombo's stock "plummeting."

Originally Posted by GOBB
But he did it against a crop of guys who will be in the NBA lottery.

And let's take a look at those guys who played the most in that game:

Austin Rivers 6'3"
Bradley Beal 6'3"
Marquis Teague 6'2"
Michael Gilchrest 6'7"
Anthony Davis 6'10"

Davis was the only legit big man that played (and also the biggest guy on the team). I'd also argue he had a better game than Bismack. Nonetheless, that roster gave Biyombo the opportunity to get more blocks. Against some much shorter high school players I should hope he should have got his fair share of rebounds and blocked shots. While they are going to be good they're still raw and not used to playing against guys that size on a nightly basis. Not to mention that overall the World Select Team had far more size. It made it pretty tough on that small team.

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