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Default Re: Kyrie Irving is the next big bust

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
There's really nothing he doesn't do well. He's not as athletic as Wall, but he's a much better shooter and still has a great first step and very good scoring ability. He's a lot more Chris Paul than Derrick Rose, nothing wrong with that.

He isn't quite as quick/fast/athletic as Paul, but he is significantly bigger/longer/taller... And he is a significantly better shooter coming out of college. In fact, he is probably a better shooter than Chris Paul right now.

I read a quote from a scout in a recent article on cnnsportline in which the guy said that he may be the best shooting point guard that he has seen at his age since he began scouting for the NBA over a decade ago.

I'm very excited about what Kyrie is bringing to the table.
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