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Default Re: Kyrie Irving is the next big bust

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
He has very good athleticism. I just don't think that he is quite as fast or quick (which is part of athleticism) as Chris Paul.... And, Paul's ability to breakdown defenses with his quickness and speed is really what makes him so effective.

You are preaching to the choir, though... I've been high on Kyrie since I watched his high school tapes. His early-season dominance at Duke only re-affirmed what I already thought.

A lot of people don't realize that the Irving they saw in the tournament was only at about 60-70%... He was nowhere near healthy, he hadn't been practicing, and he was out of shape...

And he was STILL far and away Duke's best player in the tournament and scored 29 points on 9-of-15 shooting against Arizona in the team's loss. He was the only guy to show up in that game for Duke. Yet, people use it as a reason that he will be a bust on the next level... Very strange.... A guy playing at 70% going against arguably the most athletic team in the nation and scoring 29 points on 60+% shooting...

Irving is legit.

I'm just interested to see who we pair him with. I'm becoming more and more sold on Valanciunas. The guy is a legit 7-footer with a giant wingspan, great defense and he is deadly on the pick-and-roll (where Kyrie will excel).

Irving/Valanciunas could be a nice foundation for the future.
Yep. Ppl are only hating on him because hes going to be a Cav. Mostly bitter Clipper fans and ex Cavs/Lebrick fans. I have yet to see anybody else get hated on like this in this draft And even if this draft had all of its players who returned coming out, Irving was stil by far the best player and most likely # 1 pick

ad idk about that Jonas guy. Who knows when he can get over here. What u think about Kanter?

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