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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I made a similar point about Andre Ward about a month ago...

He has all of the tangible things that general sports fans usually look for in their 'golden boy' fighters -- aside from style -- and yet he is almost completely unknown outside of hardcore boxing circles...

Gold Medalist - check
World Champion - check
Undefeated - check
American - check
Likeable - check

...throw in the fact that he has beaten (dominated) top tier talent recently and it is mind-boggling that he isn't more well known. Usually, the Gold Medal alone will make a fighter who turns professional one of the stars of the sport. He hasn't just gone pro, he has dominated some of the best in the world... And no one seems to care.

I realize that he doesn't have the tailor-made style for a huge draw, but there have been plenty of defensive-minded Olympic champions that became huge names.

I'm pretty much at a total loss as to the lack of promotion that Ward gets. Sergio Martinez is a certified star in comparison to Ward. The question is, do we blame Dan Goossen or is it just that the public hasn't embraced him for whatever reason? I feel like his accomplishments should be out there a little more than they currently are.
I disagree to a certain extent about Ward. I don't think he's entertaining enough to be a star. He doesn't have a fan friendly style. It seems as if he just wants to do just enough to win. We haven't seen him take chances. His fights aren't exactly crowd pleasing and his last fight against Abe was a snooze fest. Besides boxing purist, he isn't wowing many out there. He isn't the type of fighter that we will see in many Fight of the Year matches.

To become a star in boxing, I believe you have to bring some sort of entertainment to the ring. Some drama, something compelling in his matches. So far, Ward doesn't bring much of that. Sure, he has great resume, but that can only get you so far. When you lack excitement in the ring, it'll have to come from elsewhere. Unfortunately, his down to earth, soft spoken personality works against him in this area.

At the end of the day, boxing is an entertainment business. If you're not entertaining the masses, then you're ceiling isn't very high. To be fair, I don't think we've seen him in the ring with somebody that can push him to the limits and force him to take chances and do more than just get the W.
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