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i've always liked that nyets logo. :P

seriously, i'm sure there are many designs and options on the table that yormark and prokhy's advisors are considering.

BTW- dunno if you guys noticed, but ratner and crew have started some double-shifts on the new arena. speculation being that it's going to be ready around half a year earlier than planned, perhaps to take advantage of the many events that it can be used for. this was from a ND article about a week and a half ago.

meanwhile, recent articles report that newark is reportedly trying to attract an NBA team to replace the departing nets. ohhhhhhh rly? cory booker thinks that newark is another savior along the lines of oklahoma city?

yea, good luck with that, dudes. let me know how that works out for you, being geographically right next to two teams out of only 30 in the whole country.
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