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Let's not kid ourselves. I'm tired of spinning this trade.

We got jobbed. Horribly.

We are in "win now" mode, but giving up Rudy Gay and Stromile Swift for Shane Battier is just awful. It really is.

I don't mind parting with Stro because he likely won't succeed here with JVG and he's just dumb, but we should at least be getting something back in return. This leaves us with Chuck Hayes and Juwan Howard at the 4.

Battier is the perfect player for our squad, but damn............Rudy Gay. He's perfect. I've been sitting here for the past half day trashing the guy and attempting damage control by finding every flaw I can. But you really can't knock the kid. And so what if he doesn't want to be "the man" right now and take charge in games? We don't need him to. We just need him to be a deadly third option.

This trade is absolutely awful. I can't fuccking save face anymore. My body temperature dropped to zero when Ric Bucher said we would be trading this pick for Battier.
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