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Default New Jersey Nets--the "Character Counts" team

I'd like to congratulate the Nets on acquiring Marcus Williams with the #22 pick. By doing so, they managed to accomplish something almost unimaginable until last night, namely, put together a three-man rotation at PG where the "classy one" is Jeff McInnis.

As magnificent as that achievement is, the Nets are too close to their destiny to stop here. What they need to do now is trade Richard Jefferson for Kenyon Martin, then re-acquire Stephen Jackson and Alonzo Mourning. That's all it would take for the Nets to become one of the legendary teams of our time.

(They'll need a new coach, too, of course; there's no way any of those guys is paying attention to Opie. My nominee would be Jayson Williams--when he puts his NRA cap on, people shut up and listen. Also, they hide their pets.)

Anyway, congrats again to the Nets for acquiring a player who fits so well with their team concept.
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