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Default Re: Enes Kanter has a pathetic 11'3 no step reach. Now find a worse height/jump ratio...

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
proven troll and at least the 2nd thread you've made against kanter. unless this 'cavs fan' thinks kanter will be taken #2, why do you care? i also bet you'd wench on any side bets. do you think kanter will be a top 3 ROY candidate? do you think jonas is better? so far, you like to point out only the negatives. do you mention that he has a legit mid-range jumper and it's been there for a couple years? how about the fact that he's not considered soft? if his overconfidence rubs you the wrong way, just say so. you better say biyombo's does the same. what's with the agenda?
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