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Default Re: Kanter's a cornball

i don't get why they'd draft another PF tho. i don't know who that guy is, but Hickson is really good and came into his own last season. he makes some dumb mistakes and still doesn't show up some games, but all in all i'd be surprised if any rookie PF would be better than JJ off the bat. there were games wherre he just beasted.

i'm also really questioning the Irving pick at #1. i love Derrick William's game, and i think he can play 3 in the NBA, and i just don't see anywhere near the same star talent from what i've seen of Irving. I mean Derrick Williams to me is like a Kenyon with a lot more game, and more mobile where he can play 3. Cleveland already has 2 above average PG's on their roster. I'm going to be on their bandwagon next year so i hope they draft well and i'm just not really feeling the Irving pick, more than Williams being a much surer thing with a higher ceiling.
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