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Default Re: Does everyone here feel Irving is a no brainer for the #1 pick?

Originally Posted by Godzuki
granted i stopped watching college bball a while ago but i've been looking at highlight videos and he's not nearly as impressive as Derrick Williams to me. Derrick Williams looks like a future all star, almost a sure thing between his size, mobility, aggressiveness, and athleticism. This guy imo can't fail. Where as with Irving some of his hype almost comes across from running PG in a very good system and getting high% shots. I'm not saying he doesn't show game, but not nearly as much as Derrick Williams does. I don't even think its close at all in terms of having actual star potential between the two, Derrick Williams looks like a BEAST.

Whats other peoples perspective on this? Is Irving easily the #1 choice? Maybe i had to watch the college season and not just highlights to see how greatness? not to mention CLE already has 2 above average PG's, and Derrick Williams can play SF in the NBA imo since he looks so mobile/quick for his size.

williams could turn out great but he could also never find a real position in the nba
i don't think he will be any better than beasley i'm not saying that beasley is a bad player but irving seems like the safer pick
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