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Default Why do some GMs appear to be so dumb?

Like, we're fans. We like to run off at the mouth like we know what we're talking about, but at the end of the day, we're just people sitting in front of a computer.

But these GMs - they get paid a lot of money to make good decisions. And more than a few of them aren't doing that. And we let them have it because of that. And sometimes, I think to myself - "I'm really not qualified to question this person's decision making, but that was a horrible move."

I'm bring this up because I'm seeing teams try to get rid of guys they JUST signed last summer. I see the Spurs trying to ditch Jefferson on whatever team wants Tony Parker. I see the Bucks trying to unload Corey Maggette.

Why are the Bucks paying Maggette so much damn money? He's been a flake his entire career. He definitely has a role in the league, but no one should be paying the guy upwards of 10 million a year. Same with Drew Gooden. Is that really a guy you want to have locked into a long-term contract? Is it? He's another flake.

What the hell was Denver thinking with Al Harrington? I just don't get it. Kapono's contract is expiring this season at like 7 million dollars. Really? Does the person to agreed to that still have a job?

This is why I don't feel a damn bit sorry for these owners in the CBA negotiations. They employ idiots that do stuff like this. How did it get this way? How did guys that have no business getting this kind of money start getting this overpaid? The owners did this to themselves by hiring people that make horrible decisions. If a fan can see it as a bad decision from a mile away, why can't an NBA GM?
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