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Default Re: Why do some GMs appear to be so dumb?

Originally Posted by JMT
NBA GM's forgot more about basketball while sitting on the toilet this morning than most fans will ever know.

Fans have the advantage of looking at deals in hindsight and saying how good/bad they were. They're not called on to make decisions in real time and have their job hanging in the balance.

It's time consuming to go back through threads and find all the places an individual poster was incredibly stupid. Not so hard to analyze every GM's comment/decision.

They only appear dumb to those that are deluding themselves in a fantasy world where they actually know something.

So, you're telling me that giving Corey Maggette a contract like that was a sound move? Tons of fans called that dumb at the time and now they're trying to get rid of him. Same thing with Jefferson, Harrington, Jason Kapono, Matt Carroll, Brian Cardinal, Jerome James, etc. I'm not saying they're dumb because they mess up occasionally. I'm clearly saying they're dumb for doing things that are so clearly dumb, it's beyond belief. I'm not talking about signing a guy and it just doesn't pan out but the guy was a good signing. I'm talking the "what are they doing?" type of signings that never end up working out that even fans can see from a mile away.

Did you even even read what I wrote? I acknowledged that fans don't know what they're talking about.

I'm not talking about hindsight perspective here. I'm talking about real time, "that is a dumbass move" perspective. They frequently do things that so obviously have failure written all over them. They overpay mediocre players so they can get them and then the owners whine about salaries being out of control.

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