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Default Re: Why do some GMs appear to be so dumb?

Originally Posted by JMT
NBA GM's forgot more about basketball while sitting on the toilet this morning than most fans will ever know.

Fans have the advantage of looking at deals in hindsight and saying how good/bad they were. They're not called on to make decisions in real time and have their job hanging in the balance.

It's time consuming to go back through threads and find all the places an individual poster was incredibly stupid. Not so hard to analyze every GM's comment/decision.

They only appear dumb to those that are deluding themselves in a fantasy world where they actually know something.

i think u give them way too much credit.

altho i do agree at least that they are ultimately responsible in making that tough decision which is easier to call them out on, than random posters.

but its also i think they have to battle their owners wishes, along with their coaches. Like i don't think Walsh was responsible for everything going on in NY, or releasing Brewer lets say, more than D Antoni and maybe Dolan. but he gets the brunt of the blame for it since he's the GM.

one of the biggest fiasco's i've ever seen was when the Sun's tried to completely change their playstyle around to slow down that half season where it failed miserably. i think that may have been on the owner as well. But i've never seen such amateur, almost retarded, management of a team, and prior to that relatively successful team considering they reached semi's and made playoffs 2/4 years....

ultimately i think GM's like other 'professionals', are a bit exaggerated in how great they must be to be 'professionals' and in that position, from the perspective of the masses. i mean when George Bush can become Prez, the highest most esteemed job in our country, then you look at the perception of how most people look at people in high positions pretending they all deserve it and MUSt know what they're doing/talking about, i think its the infallible perceptions they must know a lot more thats the problem. I don't think they do, and a lot of it is subjective.
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