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Default Re: Why do some GMs appear to be so dumb?

Originally Posted by fatboy11
I did!!!!! All of those moves that I mentioned were dumb at the time and dumb now. It was all over this board.

Pointing out a move here and a move there by different franchises means nothing. A managem ent team has to make hundreds of decisions in the course of doing business. I don't care what business you look at, in what sector; if they're going to be measured by their wortst one or two moves, they're always going to look bad.

I'm proud that you were all over the board on thaose moves. Now, if you had to make those decisons to sustain your lifestyle, feed your family, and maintain your career vs possibly looking foolish on a message board where nobody knows or cares who you are? That kind of pressure and scrutiny has a definite impact on the decision making process.

A poster mentioned the Suns, who had been advancing in the playoffs but couldn't get over the hump. They made a bad strategic move in bringing in Shaq and attempting to adoipt a slower style. What we don't know is whether that's brought about by an owner who says "getting close isn't good enough. Our style isn't getting it done. Change or lose your job." Or maybe they realized they have an aging PG and little else, and figured the window was closing.

In any case, that same management team brought in Grant Hill, which has been an incredibly smart move (and one I'm sure was roundly criticized due to his age and health); dumped a few guys who turned out to be stiffs outside of their system for Dudley, who was a throw-in steal; got rid of Stou_emire, who I believe will age very poorly; etc.

If you have to make decisions that can be impacted by hundreds of variables (health, desire, ability to mesh on the court and in the locker room, and many more) some are going to be great and some are going to be awful. The majority will be right in the middle.
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