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Default Re: Knowing what we know now from the '96 draft...

Originally Posted by ImmortalD24
Good post. In addiction, people seriously need to start considering the conference strength. Not all runs to the finals are equal.

The eastern conference has been the leastern conference from the time MJ retired till about 2007-08 season with the formation of the Boston Celtics. There's a reason why LeBron's 2007 Cavs made it to the finals and 08, 09 and 10 Cavs didn't even sniff near it.. and no it isn't because the Cavs roster got worse, it got infinitely better.. as did James.

I find it odd how people seem to overlook this glaring factor.

Yeah, Philly benefitted from Hill's and Zo's injuries. That killed some of the comp in the East.

If Zo didn't go down that year, the Heat were gonna make the finals. We won 50 games with him out the entire year. Just imagine how insane the D would be.

Bowen, Grant, Mase, Timbug and Zo.

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