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Default Re: Knowing what we know now from the '96 draft...

Originally Posted by Samurai Swoosh
I would've loved to have seen Kobe's career be played out in Philly. His hometown, and where his dad played. Take Iverson's scoring years, and add 3 - 5 ppg onto each average and we'd have Kobe. His career averages would've been a lot higher. And we would've saw possibly more 81 point type games.
Thank god that didn't happen! He was too big/good for them...he belongs right here in LA.

Allen Iverson- washed up, now begging NBA teams to give him a second chance
Kobe Bryant- 5 rings, 3 MVPS, 7 finals appearances, multiple other accolades, Laker legend

Anyone who would pick Iverson over Kobe, knowing how things turned out, must either be INSANE or just an idiot who doesn't want to admit Kobe is the greatest thing to come out of that draft. Or they are just too stupid to understand how basketball know, guy with 5 rings > guy who's not even in the league anymore. Don't have to be too bright to grasp that.
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