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Default Re: Your favorite draft class?

Originally Posted by Toizumi
My personal fav. There was just so much talent in that draft... especially when these guys were still young (rookies/sophmores) it looked like this could be the best draft class of all time (it didnt though).
Several guys looked like perrenial all stars within a couple of years of them being in the league.. None of these guys really got there though Lots of all stars, but no superstars and most of these guys are close to being done.

Elton Brand
Lamar Odom
Baron Davis
Andre Miller
Manu Ginobili
Steve Francis
Rip Hamilton
Shawn Marion
Corey Maggette
Wally Szerbiack
Ron Artest
Jason Terry
Andrei Kirilenko
James Posey


No superstars, but damn was that draft deep with good talent. 1999 is one of the best draft classes of all-time IMO
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