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Originally Posted by joewait
i don't get why people always refer to past eras. people kept saying " if larry bird was being guarded by james posey and haslem he'd knock their teeth out" but they know damn well if he did that, Stu Jackson would suspend him for 3 games. But it doesn't stop people from making the same idiotic statements

Hyperbole and false logic just makes no sense to me. You know, if Wade was guarded by guys in the 80s, he'd likely damn well average 50 and 10 a game because he'd be about 10000x more athletic than the guys back then. And I have a hard time believing "power forwards" back then would stand a chance against Dirk, but people love to mention these past eras as if it has any legitimacy

If Bird was around in todays game the league wouldnt have changed the damn rules or became as strict so can it. And IF we play the game where they did for fun? Bird wouldnt get treated the way you THINK he would. In fact you and others probably would be saying Stern wants Bird to succeed, its a conspiracy, double standards, not fair, refs are paid off etc etc but Bird being the exception to the rule. Got it?

Carry on
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