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Default Re: Kyrie Irving is the next big bust

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
I'd take DW #1, partially due to Cleveland potentially getting Knight at 4, but Irving will be a stud. He can get by anyone, he's got great size for the position, he's a very natural and talented shooter, he has a pass first mentality, is a natural playmaker. Can also take over as a scorer though. He doesn't quite have a guy like Paul's natural passing skill and has to prove himself defensively.

You're talking about him like he has all kinds of experience and has done this routinely. Irving is a risky pick at #1. He's far from a sure thing. He only played 11 games in college, and most of that occurred early in the season. If you take away games against Princeton and Colgate, then he had 29 assists and 26 turnovers.
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