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Default Re: TWolves Strategy...

Kahn is an idiot - notice again he picks another point guard this year after drafting 4 that one year.

That said, the Wolves do have a problem getting free agents to want to go there. It's simply too cold.

And to win, you have to suck to get a high draft pick. That said, they should have picked Kanter or they need to trade Beasley.

There are some veterans out there the Wolves can look at to improve their team. They need to add some bigs to solidify the middle. Not guys who are goint to play a ton of minutes, but around 10-12 minutes per night. The team is way too soft in the middle. Next add a scorer. They can trade for a guy like Ben Gordon, who has a bad contract, but if they send out another player in return, then it isn't too bad. And his contract is for 3 years. Gordon isn't great, but he can actually put the ball in the basket.
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