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Default Re: Rank your team's draft picks...

Kyrie Irving: A
People tend to believe that you have to have a superstar PG to win in this league and that's why Irving should go there. that's untrue because, even though they lost, Mario Chalmers was the Heat's starting PG and the Grizzlies lost in the Conference Finals with Mike Conley at PG. I give this an A because we already have 3 PGs (Baron, Session, Gibson) two of whom are on the same level or above Conley/Chalmers. Irving and Williams are the two best guys in this draft and are future stars imo so im content with this pick.
Tristan Thompson: C-
It was kind of a reach at #4. Dont get me wrong, i think he'll be a starter in the NBA but he plays the same position as JJ and if we really wanted him, we couldve just traded down. I really like what his potential though, just hate that we already have a guy at his position.
Our 2nd rounder will likely stay overseas, and plus idk who he is. So A+ there
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