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Default Re: Rank your team's draft picks...

Originally Posted by boozehound
Brandon Knight - B+. Probably the best player available but very disappointing to see them not address their interior issues. Still, I think knight could be very nice.
Singler - C+. Sure, hes a smart big framed dookey with a good skillset, but we have how many combo forwards? I was hoping they would reach for tyler or another interior player like benson. oh well
Macklin - A. definitely a decent pick in the late draft. Im not a huge fan of his, but he is pretty athletic and willing to bang.

Overall? Probably about a B or B+.

Solid A for me. I think the Pistons lucked out that Knight 'dropped' to them. Would you have preffered Bismack if he was still available? I know that more Pistons fans did...

I don't know though, Knight is a real PG, even if its a scoring PG (does that make sense). Stuckey is a good player, but I always felt he was playing out of position.

So, I'm a Blazers fan and it's still a bit confusing. I don't know anything about Nolan Smith, but he seems like a nice prospect. Undersized though (6'3 SG?), I hope he can adjust to playing some point. I think that Felton will be an upgrade for us. Miller is great and I like him more, but Felton has more range and that will do the team good.. we need some shooting from our PG. Overall, not a bad night.. a lot happened.We needed some more depth upfront though.. hope we can sign somebody.
Overall: B-
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