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Default Re: Kawhi Leonard: Could he be a realistic candidate for Rookie of the Year?

Originally Posted by Lebron23
Healthy Kyrie Irving for ROY.

true. can't count him out. i just didn't want to be the one who put the first 3 picks as the top 3 ROY candidates.

like i said, i think williams might have the best career but there's a bit of a logjam in minny. irving might be TO prone his rookie year but i do think he can draw fouls. that is usually one thing that can translate from college to the NBA and he excelled at that in college. still, the comparisons to paul with his jumper are a bit premature. he has more range but i need to see more consistency. he's a pretty good defender but needs to develop more dribbling skills ie, inside-out dribble and a better crossover. he'll be an all-star eventually, but i just don't see a huge rookie campaign.
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