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Default Re: Who do you want the Bobcats to draft?

Originally Posted by Maniak
Charlotte keeping that defensive minded playstyle next year im assuming? or what am i expected as I obviously will be tuning in to some.

yeah, looks like it. i think their offense will honestly be the absolute worst in the NBA though haha

Originally Posted by LJJ
Damn, I'm definitely not sold on the Biyombo pick.

Biyombo only has about half a season of legitimate basketball experience, averaging 6 points 3 boards a game in the ACB. There is just nothing telling me Biyombo isn't the next Saer Sene.
according to draftexpress he put up 6 points and 5 boards per game, but you have to take into consideration that he only played 17 minutes per game. he also recorded 2.7 blocks per game. 2.7 blocks in 17 minutes is pretty incredible. adjust it to the higher NBA pace and far more minutes (probably around 28-30) and he could realistically put up something like 8/10/3 or so in his rookie year. i'll take that and he'll only get better
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