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Default Re: Why do some GMs appear to be so dumb?

Originally Posted by JMT
Make the call on the deals when they're done...not after the results are in...and your argument would have at least a bit of validity.

GM's have owners to deal with. Just like any boss, there are times you've got to go feed the boss' wants/needs. They also have salary cap issues to deal with, along with internal finance. I've seen enough of the posts here to know that VERY few posters really underdtand the cap and, unless you're inside, there's no way to understand yhe full financial situation.

I guarantee Dallas would say every penny spent on Cardinal was a good investment based solely on what he did in the Finals.

I would love to see the typical ISH poster run a team. Hell, even a concensus of the "best minds" on the site. They'd win fewer than the Washington Generals.

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