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Default Re: Chad Ford's Draft Grades [Need an ESPN Insider please]

Originally Posted by niko
Eh, all the grades are is how closely GM's did waht he wanted them to do based on his grading. It's all BS. They were skewering the Knicks for not taking Singleton, who is a 3/4. Last i looked we had Amare/Melo at those positions but on ESPN, gottlieb kept saying BUT HE CAN PLAY BOTH 3 AND 4 like one of them was going to die or something.

Well, you do need rotation players.

Personally, I really have no idea if knicks made right choice, but I don't like the rationale for decision. Knicks need lots of player. They gave away all their talent to Denver. So the Knicks shouldn't be picking for need....just talent mainly. So to hear Grunwald say "we are picking for defense", I think that's a bad sign.....just pick the best talent.

I mean, Shumpert could be good, but, of course, he was the first pick in the draft where the analysts were saying "Shumpert's a reach at this draft spot." ....of course....

We'll see. Usually you have to wait 2 years to see how these picks pan out anyway. I personally wanted Knicks to try to get more size, but whatever.
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