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Default Re: Chad Ford's Draft Grades [Need an ESPN Insider please]

Originally Posted by jbryan1984
For Cleveland, I am not totally sold on keeping Tristan Thompson. I would have taken, Knight, Vesely or Mychael Thompson's kid before Tristan. And he is a 3? A 4? People are not real sure. We don't need another power forward though, that is for sure. We will do something with that trade exception within 1 week and I think he may be a part of it.

rumors before the draft was the owners/management loved him, and that they were going to take him at 4. i doubt they trade him.

it'll probably be hickson or varaejo they trade, if any of them. not like they have to do something right away tho.

altho i agree that Vesley dude the Wiz got looked like a beast.
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