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Default Re: Why do some GMs appear to be so dumb?

Originally Posted by Pinkhearts
If we pick any random Isher here and analyze his predictions he'll look wayy more stupid than any GM.

I've once read a poster here arguing that the Mavs are in dire need of more perimeter offense to help Dirk. I was telling him they need a real C instead as Dirk is soft and the guy was insistent Dirk never had any real perimeter help despite having Marion and Butler. Well the Mavs got Chandler and look what happened.

If this fool were the Mav's GM he'd have gutted the team for a useless wing player and no chip...

not to be argumentative but they did pick up Peja, and they did just trade for Rudy.

not saying Chandler didn't help them alot but they do need 3 pt shot makers to spread the floor especially when they collapse on Dirk.

to me it goes both ways, since GM's can be complete retards and fans can just as much be right when GM's are wrong from what i've seen.
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