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Default Re: Welcome Marshon Brooks to the Nets!

The starting job is Morrow's unless MarShon takes it from him. I've seen him a bit at Providence. My main concern is whether or not he can learn a team game. He played on a team where he was clearly the best and he was given the green light to do whatever he wanted. It resulted in a stoppage of ball movement and a lot of watching of MarShon go one on five. In the NBA he has to learn to use his teammates and learn to play off ball with Deron and Brook.

Morrow's been amazing at that already. Hopefully MarShon takes lessons from him on how to fill open spaces and be within the passing angle. He'll also need to learn how to cut properly as well.

I would've been happy with keeping Jajuan Johnson. This is where if we had kept Jordan Crawford last year (which I wanted to do), we wouldn't need MarShon as much and get to keep Johnson. It may be because I'm a Big Ten fan, but Johnson would've made a great back up 4 for us and we could've taken someone else outside of Jordan Williams. Jordan screams Josh Boone part II to me. Not that big of fan of that pick. Would've preferred Darius Morris, Leuer, or DeAndre Liggins. Especially Liggins.

Overall I'm fine with our picks. MarShon has borderline all-star potential, just needs to make his game more efficient.

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