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Default Re: can Biyombo still grow?

Originally Posted by Knicksfever2010
he's only 18...he's 6'9 now, maybe he can top out at a few more inches? anyone know of any players coming out of high school that grew while on an nba roster?

I am sure Durant grew two inches since he was 19. I have a friend that grew 3 inches after 19 years of age and it seemingly had to do with stretching and nutrition. If his growth plates are still open it doesn't necessarily mean he will still grow in height, but it does mean the potential is still there.

As Blacknapalm wrote his timing is what separates him from others or makes him like prime Ben Wallace. Biyambo also jumps very quickly which will help offensively. In the NBA very few centers have an offensive game so if you can get one that is defensively above the others you are still ahead of the game.
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