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Default Re: Donatas Motiejunas...

Originally Posted by fatboy11
Straight up - is he lazy? Does he have stretches where his head isn't in the game?

That's all I'm concerned about.

That's the only thing I can think about leading to him being the 20th picked, he is definitely better than Jerebko who's a starter in the NBA and 3 years older than him. I've played against Jerebko a couple of times and he was guardable even if he busted everyone's ass. Motiejunas on the other hand, he was just too freaking good, scary good.. and him I faced with our nationalteam, he just busted everyone's ass and made everyone look like kids..

He will surprise many of those who thinks he'll be a bust if he puts work to his training.. I'm a Rocket fan myself and I'm absolutely thrilled about this trade.
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