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Default Re: Grinder's 2011 Final Mock Draft (1-60)

Originally Posted by chips93
grinder, since you're the most accomplished scout on ish, could you explain the logic of tristan thompson at 4? i dont get it, i dont see what he does better than valanciunas, and how he can play alongside hickson

I don't know about that, but thanks.

I didn't really get the Thompson pick either and to be honest, I was surprised to see him even in the discussion as a top 10 pick when the draft discussions began. He's got the tools to be an elite defender and blocks shots at a high rate...I watched him completely lock up Derrick Williams, and he projects to be a pretty solid P'n'R defender as well.

I understand he's athletic, long, and plays with a high motor but he looked extremely limited offensively at Texas. He's got pretty much no semblance of a jumper, is an awful free throw shooter, and doesn't have much in the post. Almost all his offense is on hustle points and on athleticism. I don't see how he fits with Hickson unless they plan on playing JJ at center.

I think Valanciunas would have been a better pick but they didn't feel like waiting on him to come over for a year. Valanciunas isn't nearly as strong as Thompson and doesn't have the athleticism, but he's much more of a true big man with better offensive potential.
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