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Default Re: OKC picked Reggie jackson.. Who are they are parting with ??

Originally Posted by hawkfan
Do the Thunder want another year of Westbrook not running the point and coming down and taking horrible shots? Doubt it. Do the Thunder want Maynor taking end of game shots that should be taken by Durant? Doubt it.

Both might be gone if they keep it up.

Do I want another year of retarded posts like yours?


Westbrook was money this year. In the playoffs what happened was Durant had a harder time getting open and Westbrook plays most of his minutes with only him and Durant on the floor as scores (post Green trade), the second unit that Durant stays out with actually has more scorers/shooters then the first unit that's just KD and RW. In the playoffs KD was held and bumped and didn't get many open looks. Westbrook was forced into taking too many shots and had a hard time getting his confidence going after it was rattled.

And STILL the team of 21 year olds should have been up 3-2 on the eventual champions in the WCF.

You don't break what 100% obviously worked pretty damn well. Another year of seasoning will make them better. Reggie's probably going to be the backup 2 with Harden starting and Thabo the backup 3. There is zero reason to make any kinda shakeup with this team. They need to be kept together. Dallas had similar issues for years and they were all older to start with. This year's goats are tomorrow heroes.

Less we forget the year before in the playoffs Durant sucked and RW was the stud. Not on paper, in the games.
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