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Default Re: Chad Ford's Draft Grades [Need an ESPN Insider please]

The Knicks managed to make a major reach and risky pick. Shumpert was definitely not the best player on the board and we need talent. Singleton should've been the pick and this is coming from a guy who really didn't want him, but the draft rly couldn't have played out worse for us IMO. The combination of Utah taking Kanter 3rd (causing them to go guard at 12, instead of maybe Knight at 3 and Singleton or Kawhi at 12 or something), Cleveland taking Thompson 4th (causing Biyombo to def go to either CHA or DET and moving up players like Markeiff and Vucevic) and the three team trade (which allowed for Charlotte to grab a big and a PG) messed up our board. The only good thing about that certain combination is it caused Leonard and Singleton to drop. But Leonard didn't drop enough (by the sounds of Walsh's comments, he would've been the pick had he been there) and that left us with a choice between Shumpert/ Brooks/ Motiejunas/ Jackson/ Singleton/ Faried. And for some reason we went with need over talent (despite our complete lack of talent outside of Melo/Stat/Billups/Landry/Douglas). But the thing is, Shumpert is really pretty much going to play the same exact role as Doulgas. Sure we needed a back up PG and SG, but we really should've gone with somebody with more talent. If anything, taking a guy like Singleton would add more value to the pick because other teams like him and would trade for him. But, hopefully I'm wrong and the risk of taking Shumpert pays off. At least if he plays, we should see some nice highlights considering his athleticism. I don't dislike Shumpert at all, it's just I think he could've been there later in the draft.

My biggest gripe is how we only got one other pick and used it on somebody who would've most likely gone undrafted. Pick #31 was sold for just cash and we could've used it to get one of the many good players that were still there like Honeycutt, Tyler, Selby, Parsons Jenkins or Leuer. As was Charlotte's pick (Tyler).
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