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Default Re: Thanks Minnesota for the #1 pick in the 2012 NBA draft

Originally Posted by R.I.P.
....and with the first pick in the 1998 NBA draft the Los Angeles Clippers select...

NOT Dirk Nowitzki
NOT Paul Pierce
NOT Vince Carter
NOT Antawn Jamison
NOT Rashard Lewis
NOT Mike Bibby
NOT Bonzi Wells
NOT Larry Hughes
NOT Al Harrington
NOT Ricky Davis
NOT Jason Williams
NOT Cuttino Mobley

NOT even Raef LaFrentz, Nazr Mohammed or Rasho Nesterovic....

Okay dude outside of Vince Carter, Pierce and Jamison maybe.... the entire list you put up were either average players, had attitude problems.. or were surprises (like Dirk obviously). Meaning it wasn't that bad. Drafting a legit 7 footer who looked like he could be dominant at the NBA level isn't exactly a rare mistake. Plus... I'm not making fun of the Wolves drafting history. I'm mentioning that they made boneheaded choices this year. I think it's funny they drafted the probable best player in the draft and he's gonna be on the bench all year. Then they kept swapping picks all over the place. I mean if anyone feels Brad Miller>Flynn.. that's on you. You guys got better offensively and worse defensively or at least stayed the same defensively. Given the fact that the Wolves already have solid young pieces they would of been better off drafting for need.

Grabbing a player who immediately fills a hole. Grabbing a player who plays the positions of your 2 best players= bad strategy IMO.
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