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Default Tobias Harris vid

18 years old (july will be 19)

First look it appears as a young PF he will be a 3 6'8".

Also noticed for you marqcus Johnson old Buck fans that Harris has some of those ball handling skills down low to and in the lane.

Is this a sneaky pick , that might develop in a 1 or so into a legit player as a starter

Obviously this draft and pre draft was all about dumping Salmon and Maggette and getting to legit PG's and Jax.

Ironically Jennings might get dealt either before the season or by Feb. 2012

People harp on JAx , but he is a true competitor and I think he will fit well with the Bucks and should get the Bucks in the playoffs with the help of Udrih.

* I still think Jennings and Illas' should be packaged in a trade.

By the way - the Bucks still need a backup CENTER

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